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Commercial Boiler Service - Boiler Installation, Repair and Service for Kalamazoo County

Commercial Boiler For over 30 years, Zimmerman Plumbing and Heating Service has provided boiler services to thousands of satisfied Kalamazoo area businesses.

We specialize in all types of commercial boiler services for businesses throughout Kalamazoo and surrounding areas.

We offer :

  • boiler installation
  • boiler repair
  • boiler maintenance
  • boiler cleaning
  • boiler inspection
  • and many others

We Offer 24 Hour Emergency Service

Energy Management Saves You Dollars

By relying on Zimmerman's expert boiler repair, maintenance and installation services, your boilers will operate more safely and efficiently. The increased efficiency will save your company’s bottom line by lowering energy costs, and the increased safety of the equipment will mean fewer breakdowns and a more comfortable and productive work environment.

Expert Commercial Heating Services since 1972


The experienced Zimmerman Plumbing and Heating Services technicians have been servicing commercial boilers since 1972.

As fuel cost soar, commercial heating efficiency is on the mind of virtually every business owner or property manager. At Zimmerman Plumbing & Heating Service we understand… We have over 30 years experience designing, installing, repairing and providing preventative maintenance services to many of this areas commercial properties.

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